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Whether it’s for sale or lease, commercial or residential, having well-made signage for your real estate can make all the difference between looking professional or looking amateurish!

Commercial Real Estate

Many of us have driven by a strip mall only to have to squint to make out any of the businesses’ signs. Or, walking by an empty business’s window, you might see a “space available” sign that’s been hastily handwritten. Well-made signage is often the starting point for future customers. People associate professionally made signs with professionally run businesses, and with that comes a base level of trust. A professionally made “space available” sign, for example, can remove hesitation that a potential tenant has in contacting you.

There are multiple options for commercial signage, including window vinyl, banners, tenants branding signs and monument signs. These signs can showcase future renovations, new tenants, agent contact information and other pertinent information. Instead of a scribbled note with a phone number, now potential customers see colorful, eye-catching signs that embody professionalism.

Monument signs, a permanent sign displaying your business’s name and those of your tenants, is a landmark that helps customers find you and is the first representation of your business that people see. These signs can bring in customers, which can reduce turnover for your building. And an attractive monument sign can add to the curb appeal of your building, which can attract more customers.

Reusable Outdoor Signage

While they may seem simple, reusable signage (like yard signs for new listings or “space available” signs for an empty building) have a lot of aspects that need to be considered.

  • They must be easy to read. They should display your business name and contact information so people can easily read them. Potential buyers or tenants should not have to hunt the sign for your information.
  • They must be made from the right material. You want them to be durable and strong. They may be out in the elements, and they will be moved from place to place.
  • They should be creative and attract interest. With the right type and design, your signage can stand out from the others, driving up their ROI.

If you manage or sell real estate, you don’t have time to do all of that. Not to worry. SOULO has the professionals and equipment on hand to take care of it. Our writers work with our graphic designers to design a sign that can be easily read and understood. Then our printers and signage experts can help you choose the appropriate materials, so your signage can be used again and again.

Permanent Outdoor Signage

  • Location. It’s permanent, so after the sign is installed, it won’t be moved. Choosing the right location the first time is essential to the sign’s readability and usefulness.
  • Lighting. When the sun goes down, your signage needs to shine out in the night. This is especially important if your tenants are open late, or in areas (like Minnesota) where there’s a full season of short daylight hours.
  • Permits. Permanent signage often must abide by local codes and may require permits. Make sure you know what these are and who to contact, so your signage doesn’t have to be reinstalled or remade completely.
  • Installation. A permanent sign often needs a professional contractor to install it, depending on the structure and size.

Permanent outdoor signage shares a lot of the same aspects as temporary outdoor signage. They must be durable, attractive, and useful. But there are other things that need to be considered.

Residential Real Estate

As with any product, proper marketing is necessary. That holds true as much for residential real estate agents as it does any other business. These days one might think that means having an established social media presence and using paid search. And that’s true. They are both low-cost ways to get your name out there. But don’t neglect outdoor signage.

Outdoor signage is still an important means of advertising your business and the real estate you manage. After all, 46% of home buyers say they bought a home after seeing a yard sign. Even with Google Maps’ street view, people still drive around a prospective neighborhood to look it over. It’s here where a good yard sign makes a strong marketing tool. A well-made yard sign can display your contact details and branding, extend your marketing reach, attract attention, and advertise a listing or an open house. Plus, made from the right materials, these signs can last a long time, with the ability to be reused, providing a good return on your investment. They also give you and your business an air of professionalism, adding credibility and trustworthiness. This will all lead to more closing dates being set.

While having an online presence is an easy way to show off your real estate, having quality outdoor signage is still a must for advertising your real estate business and bringing in new customers. But with SOULO, that won't complicate your schedule.Again, not to worry. Our signage experts will help design and create the sign, choose the right location and lighting and even pull all the permits and check local codes. We have professionals to install the sign for you as well. We are an all-in-one integrated marketing company, after all. We can take care of it all so you can run your business.


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