Presentation Folders

Custom presentation folders are a simple way to organize your thoughts and your business. Design a quality printed folder with your branding and logo, and your business will hold its own in any setting. Whether you’re handing them out at a professional conference, or you’re frequently pitching in sales meetings, they offer a show of professionalism that is much needed in those environments. They are also a great piece to add to your marketing portfolio, increasing brand recognition with every use.

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Marketing your Business

Outside the obvious of being very useful for holding your documents, custom folders are a simple way to market your business. After all, according to AllBusiness, 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method. Adding custom printed folders to your marketing materials, adds to the trustworthiness of your business. This is especially important when presenting a potential client with a proposal.

YWCA Presentation folder

Custom Branding and Design

Custom presentation folders aren’t simply a way to keep and organize the documents you bring to a meeting. They are canvases to be designed. A lot more can be done than adding your business name and logo to the cover. Feel free to use the entire surface. Add a four-color image. Use your brand’s specific spot color as the folder’s base color. There are few limitations. If it can be designed and printed on a brochure, it can be printed on a folder.

If you only have the basic idea for a design, SOULO has a full suite of creative professionals to bring any idea you have to life. Our graphic designers and print experts work in tandem to create just the folder you need to stand out while keeping that professional look.

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Custom Folder Options

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Paper Weight

The choice for paper weight for your folder may come down to the folder’s purpose. If the folders as a whole are being handed out en masse at a conference, 10pt cardstock. weight may be called for. But if the folders are being used repeatedly to hand out pamphlets or other information, then a heavier 12pt cardstock. weight is ideal.
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Color Choice

There are no limitations on the colors that can be used when printing a folder. You have access to the full range that four-color print provides. Spot colors are always available to narrow things down to the precise color you need. Foil stamping, embossing, and debossing are available for an elegant extra touch.
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Folder Size

Folder size should be chosen based on what will be kept inside. You don’t want the contents to drown in the folder’s pockets. The standard 9" x 12" folder is most suitable for letter sized contents. By the same token, 4” or 6" x 9" folders are perfect for holding folded literature.
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Folder Options

Choose from one pocket or two. Get them with or without a business card slot. Add reinforced edges for increased durability and strength. Mix and match these options to create just the folder you need.
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