Blade Signs

Blade Signs are a type of projecting sign. They protrude from the wall perpendicular to the wall itself. They are intended to be highly visible for people coming from either side of the building along the street, whether they are on foot, bicycle (or other self-propelled wheeled transport), or in a vehicle.

Business blade signs are a great way to signal to the public at large where your business is located while also respecting the character of the neighborhood it’s in. We can make sure your sign is perfectly designed, produced, and installed, so your customers will notice it for years.

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Why SOULO for Custom Blade Signs?

Because we know how to get your blade signs done right, right now. Our team of in-house graphic designers, production specialists, and sign installers have the experience and skill to make your sign pop. We also have the familiarity and knowledge to work with municipal or local regulations that restrict what sizes, types, and styles of signs can be installed. Don’t worry: we can think creatively inside those boxes, too.

Outdoor Blade Signs

Blade signs are often used outdoors, so your local weather conditions have to be taken into consideration during design and material selection. Durability is important, too.

Blade signs are often installed fairly high up on a building (it’s not a good idea to make potential customers duck to avoid hitting their head on your sign!), so making them maintenance-free or as maintenance-free as possible is important. You don’t want to have to be up on a ladder or, worse, a lift of some kind, regularly tinkering with your blade sign.

Regulations and Design

Most cities and towns have municipal code that governs blade signs. These laws can define everything from the size and location of the sign, the materials it’s made of, to even the colors and fonts used on it. Buildings that are designated historical sites, in particular, can be limiting in what creative choices you are allowed to make.

Fortunately, at SOULO we are used to finding, deciphering, and interpreting these codes. That lets us make a sign that is recognizable, memorable, fits perfectly with your brand, and will not get you fined by the city.


Our sign installers have installed thousands of signs over the years. That’s not to brag, but just to say that whatever the circumstances of your sign and the place it’s going to be installed, we’ve probably seen it before. Brick? Wood? Vinyl? Tile? Plastic? Metal? No problem. We’ll install your blade sign and make it look like it belongs there—in fact, hasn’t it always been there? We’ll position your sign in a way that maximizes its visibility, complies with local code, and respects everyone’s safety.

Blade Signs for Retail and More

Whether you’re a retail store, a restaurant or coffee shop or café, a boutique or gallery, a professional service, a nonprofit organization, or anything in between or beyond, you want the world to know who you are and where you are. Blade signs are a great way to do that, and SOULO can get you there.

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Whether you need a few signs or fifty, contact SOULO today to be certain you are ADA compliant.

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