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Commercial Property Management
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There are a thousand challenges in managing commercial property. Some are small, like replacing light bulbs. Some are big, like attracting and retaining reliable tenants. Whether you manage office space, industrial use properties, multifamily rentals, or retail space, SOULO can help drive your commercial property management marketing campaign.


Market your properties and Find the right tenants

The right tenants can make or break a commercial real estate property. Attracting and retaining those tenants is critical. That’s why marketing your properties to the right audience ensures success. We’ll help you promote and market your property to potential tenants with a marketing plan that can be as comprehensive as you choose. We encourage clients to take a multi-channel approach. That includes:

  • A foundational website
  • The classic “For Lease” and other signs
  • Direct mail and printed pieces
  • Video and digital marketing, including social media
Commercial Property Management Marketing
Whether you pursue some or all of these channels depends on the tenants you are targeting as well as your commercial real estate property. We’ll help you deliver a consistent message to the right audience.
Traditional sign advertising draws attention »

Captivate your audience with the right SIGNAGE

Advertising available space for lease has to include exterior signs. It’s like Local SEO but in real life. An attractive, easy-to-read sign should include the basics:

  • Type of space available (office, retail, industrial, etc.)
  • How to contact you
  • Website for more information
  • Amount of space available or other important characteristic

People who pass by your property probably do so on a regular basis. If they’re interested in leasing space, your property might be in the ideal location for them. A sign tells them it’s available.

Commercial Real Estate Signs We make

Real estate banners

Yard STAKE Signs

Flag Signs

Post and Panels

Window Graphics

Monument Panels

Our Sign Services »
Examples of signs used by commercial property managers, window sign for leasing, panel signs for a monument, and a v shaped post and panel for lease sign.
Examples of ADA and wayfinding signs for restrooms, copy rooms, office identifiers, and photographic acrylic boards.

ADA and Wayfinding for your properties

Our goal is to let you focus on yours: getting the building ready on time. You don’t have to worry about the legal requirements; we know the laws (including those specific to your locality) for ADA, wayfinding, and fire marshal access. SOULO can guide you and create stylish, code-compliant signs for both interior and exterior (parking lots, ramps, etc).

Let us help you with:

  • Required raised text & braille
  • Life safety signs
  • Maximum occupancy
  • Hall directionals
  • Building directory signs
  • Creative design solutions
  • Minimum/maximum size requirements
  • Sign placement, mandated heights & setbacks
  • Code-regulated installation
ADA/Wayfinding signs »
Target and send your message »

direct Mail can Target the right leads

A thoughtful direct-mail piece, delivered to the right mailing list, is a great way to reach qualified potential tenants. Offering a 4.4% response rate, direct mail can increase your multichannel marketing by over 50%. Combine that with customizable variable printing, and you can create one-to-one marketing for each recipient.

Direct Mail Services

  • Direct mail postcards
  • List generation
  • Variable data printing
  • Mailing and fulfillment
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Empower your brand with a tactile approach »

Print collateral You can leverage

Don’t let potential tenants walk away empty handed. Print collateral gives you something to give to everyone. That type of physical, real-life marketing can’t be blocked as spam or buried in an inbox. It helps establish the legitimacy of your property and your business.

Collateral that helps you

  • Door hangers
  • Welcome packets
  • Brochures & pamphlets
  • Business cards
  • Flyers

See Print Collateral »
Decorative image showing examples of print collateral printed by SOULO
It's the brain of your digital presence »

Build a foundational Website

Tenants almost always start their searches online. They will use your website (or your property’s website) to qualify the space. The website is your central hub, and everything else funnels tenants to it. Direct mail, social media, signs—they all lead back to the website. That’s where you highlight your property’s best features. Photo galleries, floor plans, a list of amenities both on the property itself and in the surrounding area. This is especially true for office space. With work from home more of an option now for office workers than ever, people are looking for some of the amenities of home at the office.

Local SEO Services

Commercial property management almost always involves local tenants. After all, your property has a physical location. Someone searching for commercial real estate is most likely looking in a specific geographic area. Because of this, Local SEO is as important as regular SEO. We’ll build a dynamic site for your commercial real estate property or business that excels at SEO, both local and general.

More about Websites »
Image depicting the Wells Fargo Place website built by SOULO.
Show Don't tell »

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a terrific way to get potential tenants into your building extremely efficiently. A walkthrough video tour helps pre-qualify tenants, saving both of you time. It also highlights the most attractive features of your property. Video is a great option for your website and across your social media channels. A good video gives tenants a real feel for what the property is like, available any time.

More about video »
Grow your audience and get new leads »

Expand your visibility with
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an important tool in marketing your commercial real estate. It allows you to build relationships and interact with potential tenants online. You can answer questions, provide information, and build rapport. It’s also a very nimble, adaptable marketing channel, one that can shift gears quickly. That’s especially important in the retail space industry. Tenants can go out of business with little warning, leaving you with space to fill.

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social media

Picture of a phone with various social media icons installed.
Communicate directly with your audience, both publicly and one-on-one. Social media is vital for marketing commercial real estate. It’s the natural medium to share photos, videos, graphics, and to make timely announcements.
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Email Marketing

picture of a cell phone receiving an email
An ongoing email marketing campaign is a terrific way to keep people updated about your property. This will keep you top-of-mind when your recipients have commercial real estate needs.
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Search Engine Marketing uses a combination of organic and paid search tactics to drive web traffic and boost visibility. It helps to better target advertisements and generate qualified leads.
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