Custom Magnets

Magnets are one of the stickiest (no pun intended) promotional items you can create for your business. A custom die-cut magnet to promote your products or services can have a shelf-life of years, as long as the “shelf” is a fridge, furnace, water heater, or an electrical panel (just to name a few).

  • Die cut and standard sizes
  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Magnetic Business Cards
  • Postcard Magnets
  • Vehicle Magnets
custom die cut Van magnet example
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Make your message stick with custom magnets

A thoughtful direct-mail piece, delivered to the right mailing list, is a great way to reach qualified potential tenants. Offering a 4.4% response rate, direct mail can increase your multichannel marketing by over 50%. Combine that with customizable variable printing, and you can create one-to-one marketing for each recipient.

Magnets are a great way to create a point of purchase display that goes up and comes down easily.
Magnetic signs are an excellent way to quickly name a location or convey a message, especially one that is not permanent.
If you’re not ready to commit to a vehicle wrap but still want to promote your business, a removable magnet might be the perfect answer.
Example of custom die cut magents

A great marketing tool for
home services

For home repair services, a magnet can often be applied to the very equipment you service. If someone is looking at a furnace that has gone out, having your number right there is like a spotlight on a stage. The same goes for plumbers and electricians. If you installed it, or you can fix it, put your business’ name, phone, and website on it. If something requires periodic maintenance or inspections, magnets are a great way to remind people that the job needs to be done, and who can do it.

Ben Franklin plumbing van magnet
yellow horizontal bar

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