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In an age where more and more of life is digital, handing out or delivering a physical flyer or door hanger can really grab the attention of potential customers. In fact, according to the Data & Marketing Association, door drop flyers have an effectiveness of 11%. And if you add a QR code to that flyer, you can merge the physical and digital sides of your marketing, giving your business just the boost it needs.

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Why flyers are a great marketing tool

Focused Reach

Whether you’re handing out flyers at a well-attended event, dropping them off door to door, or direct mailing them, flyers have as wide a reach as you want and need. If your business serves a specific geographic area, for example, placing door hangers or mailing flyers to everyone in your area via EDDM offer great ways to increase brand awareness without wasting time and money advertising to customers outside your service area.

Tangible and Versatile

Digital printing allows you to print as many or as few pieces as you need. SOULO can print a single item or thousands with minimal setup. Your orders are ready in days, not weeks. Offset printing ensures high-quality and cost-effective production for larger print runs.

Concise Information

There is only so much information you can fit onto a flyer or door hanger. This means your message must be brief. And while brevity may be the soul of wit, it also means it’s easier for people to quickly read, take in, and remember your message and business.

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We can design your flyer for you

The right flyer or door hanger can increase your brand awareness like almost nothing else. SOULO can make that flyer or door hanger for you from concept to hard copy. Our experienced designers and knowledgeable marketing experts can create a flyer or door hanger built around your brand to get your business noticed. Then our high-end printers can make that flyer or door hanger a reality, giving your customers a tactile experience in the digital age.

Design Services

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Our easy online ordering system allows you to get customized business cards, note pads, and other business essentials without having to go through separate purchase orders and billing. We keep your assets on file—customized for user and location—and ship it for you so it’s turnkey and seamless.

It’s convenient for end users and it helps organizations preserve the visual assets of the brand.

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Whether you need a few signs or fifty, contact SOULO today to be certain you are ADA compliant.

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