EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM, is an affordable targeted mail advertising service offered by the US Postal Service. EDDM allows businesses to deliver a mailpiece to every stop along one or multiple postal routes. You don’t have to know names and addresses; your mailing is delivered at every single stop on the route or routes. EDDM lets you use demographic data like age range, average household size, and average household income to target specific neighborhoods and postal routes.

  • Costs less Than a stamp
  • No Mailing Lists required
SOULO is a CASS certified mailing professional. We can leverage our expertise in direct mail marketing campaigns to help create success for your efforts.
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Every Door Direct mail, LESS THAN THE COST OF A STAMP

EDDM an excellent way to target geographic areas. This is ideal if you’re opening a new location, having a sale, or just trying to market in specific locations. But it doesn’t have to be local: you can choose mail delivery routes from across the country. The delivery fee per mailpiece is less than the cost of a stamp. It’s a very effective way to deliver your flyer, postcard, menu, or other flat mailpiece.

Using EDDM allows you to select and target specific routes, based on several different search criteria such as:

  • Residential location
  • Business location
  • Total number of delivery points
  • Age range of the recipients
  • Household size
  • Household income
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EDDM rates are typically lower than standard bulk mail rates and are less than the cost of a stamp for each piece delivered. This lets you reach a large number of households and businesses for less. If you have a limited direct mail marketing budget, EDDM is a great way to maximize it.

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Gets REsults

Direct mail gets results. EDDM lets you pursue the same kind of ROI in targeted geographic areas, while covering the entire area with your message. A well-designed mailing that captures attention and drives action can help boost brand awareness, event awareness, and sales.

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Every Door Delivery means your message reaches every single door on the mail route(s) you choose. You don’t miss certain households or businesses because of a flawed filter on a mailing list. It’s your message delivered to every door.

How SOULO Can Help

Our mailing pros can help you select mail routes based on your preferred demographics. We’ll make sure your message reaches your desired audience. We prepare and bundle direct mailings for you, and while EDDM means nothing gets marked undeliverable, we know the best way to kit, bundle, and hand off bulk mailings to the post office for delivery.

When the design is done and the route is chosen, our print team makes sure your mailpieces come off the press perfectly, ready to represent your company in the best possible way. If your mailing includes QR codes (dynamic or otherwise), landing pages, or other ways to track performance, we’ll help analyze that data and use it to help drive decision-making for your next mailing.

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