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Custom labels are everywhere. They're the product labels covering your favorite jar of marinara. They're warning labels cautioning you of electrical shock if you open that appliance. They're sticker labels to add your logo to your products.

Custom labels are an important part of marketing your products or services. They can help protect against dangers, or get your mail where it needs to go. Whatever your use for them, SOULO can create just about any label you (or we) can think up.

  • Individual Labels
  • Roll labels
  • Fanfold Labels
  • Pin-Fed Labels
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SOulo can print any kind of label

Shipping Labels

Shipping labels add a return address to your outgoing mail. They may also offer a space for your customers to write in their own address, should there be a need.

Product Labels

If you sell products, you probably need to label them. Product labels give consumers the information they need: the product’s name, your logo, ingredients, bar code, etc.

Box Labels

Box labels add more information to your packaging. That might be a thank you for purchasing. It might be instructions on how to open or use the product. It might be a contact number should your customers need help.

Promo Labels

Promo labels tell everyone who sees them certain information. What that information is depends on your needs. Logo stickers say who made the product, while event stickers advertise an upcoming concert, for example.

Warning Labels

If your building has dangerous equipment or areas, or your products have dangers in taking them apart, then warning labels are a must. Warning labels let people know they should be careful or to stay out.

Custom Label Design

SOULO has a team of creative experts on hand to create your custom labels for you. Our graphic designers can take your ideas and turn them into marketing reality. Our print experts have the knowledge to make sure your labels fit your specific use case. Contact SOULO today to get started with your custom labels.

Design Services

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With our web-to-print process, reordering your custom labels is as easy as shopping online. Once set up, you can simply browse your product labels, shipping labels, or marketing stickers like you would any other online store. No separate purchase orders and billing needed. We keep your custom assets on file, and we ship it for you so it’s turnkey and seamless.

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Whether you need a few signs or fifty, contact SOULO today to be certain you are ADA compliant.

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