Logo and Brand Identity

Design and Branding
Your Brand Identity and Logo Design is the first, most important introduction to your brand

A logo that
emboldens your brand

Updating your logo and brand identity is usually the most challenging creative assignment for any team. At SOULO we have the depth and breadth of experience to ensure we protect brand equities while also moving the brand forward.

Logos are deeply connected to the Branding Identity process and build on the strategic platform of Strategy and Logic plus Creativity and Emotion. We work closely with you to understand the degree of change with which you are comfortable.

Your brand, Your story

Our starting point is always to understand brand equities. Often this takes the form of a look back at historic designs to understand brand evolution. We immerse in the brand presence, then we audit the competitive set. This helps us research consumer attitudes toward the category and brands. Our focus is always optimizing for the key target audience.

  • Brand ID Project Brief
  • Discovery Phase
  • Insights Ideation Phase
  • Naming Ideation Phase
  • Design Development
  • Design Research
  • Design applied to all formats
  • Production


Brand Immersion
Brand Audit
Consumer Research
Logo Designs
Brand Collateral

Icon Design/updating
Packaging Designs
Brand Style Guides
Design Concept Research

Innovation Spectrum

We work with you to clarify expectations for the new design exploration using an Innovation Spectrum to gain agreement on how “close in” or “far out” you want to take the brand design imagery. Working within these parameters, our design exploratory is initially quite broad. The creative design process is typically multi-phased with frequent work-in-process touch bases with key brand stakeholders.

Our designers are adept at marrying contemporary design insights with brand historic equities to maximize effectiveness. We know how to work with small principal panels (on rounded surfaces, for example) as well as logos that will be splashed on large billboards.