Efficient and cost-effective, postcards are a must-have in your marketing campaign. Their small format means your message is concise by necessity, making the information quick to read and easy to remember. This brevity helps increase brand awareness and recognition by removing all the infill of larger formats.

With no envelopes or folders to cover them, they make an immediate visual impact, quickly putting your message in the hands of your customers. Whether promoting a product, announcing a special offer, or sharing important updates, postcards give your business an inexpensive but visually appealing way to connect with your customers.

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Make your Custom printed Postcards Stand Out

Postcards are an excellent way to target geographic areas. This is ideal if you’re opening a new location, having a sale, or just trying to market in specific locations. But it doesn’t have to be local: you can choose mail delivery routes from across the country. The delivery fee per mailpiece is less than the cost of a stamp. It’s a very effective way to deliver your message.

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Take your postcards to the next level with direct mail services

SOULO can do it all for you, from creating a postcard with our design and marketing experts to printing them with our state-of-the-art equipment. Once they’ve been printed, our direct mail pros will have them bundled and brought to the post office to be sent to your customers. The entire process is comprehensive. If you don’t have a customer list, we can help you acquire one that fits your target audience.


With variable data printing, we can address each postcard to be personalized to your customer list. We verify every address for you, so there is less returned mail and wasted postage. We bundle the postcards and make sure they are in the correct mailing trays for the USPS, so there are fewer rejections and a faster processing time. All you have to do is review and approve.

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We are committed to your success and, as always, all our work is customized to your project and goals. That’s the SOULO difference.

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