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Direct Mail

Print that gets noticed

Multi-Channel + tactile impact = direct mail

Direct mail generates a 4.4% response rate. Adding direct mail to your marketing tactics can increase your multichannel marketing by over 50%. Print brings detailed information and education, makes you more memorable, and solidifies the purchase decision.

Print has a tactile impact on people and lingers in the mind. Standard or personalized direct mail offers an amazing range of creativity at your fingertips. It enriches and deepens the relationship between you and your audience. Language, tone, visual engagement, incentives—we know how to balance the elements of a successful direct mail campaign to drive awareness and response rates.

Soulo Mailing services

Project Consultation
Graphic Design
List Processing
Variable Printing For One-To-One Marketing
Mailing Services
Kitting And Fulfillment Services
Collateral Management


CASS Certification
Envelope Supply
Live Stamps
Bar Coding
Inserting & Hand Assembly
Tab Sealing
Shrink Wrapping

Point Of Mailing
Non-Profit Mailings
Automation Processing



Increased Website Visits


Increased Response Rates


Increased ROI


Increased Leads


Increased Traffic to a
Physical Location


Increased Downloads

Data Services

List Profiling

Not sure who your ideal market is? Have way too much data to sort? Soulo will help you profile your clients, either from scratch or from your existing list—with focused results.

List Hygiene

Now that you have your list, let’s keep it clean and at optimal performance. Some of our data services for postal optimization include de-duping, merge/purge, CASS certification and checking the National Change of Address (NCOA) database.

List Segmentation

We have more than 70 segments plus 21 life-stage groups based on consumer behavior and demographic characteristics to refine your list so it is as effective as possible for your marketing.

List Acquisition

With all your key characteristics checked, Soulo will acquire mailing and email lists for you.

Folding, Stamping, Coating

Marketing automation has opened many doors to track everything from direct mail to identifying website visitors to campaign management. Many of our campaigns include email, direct mail, landing pages, forms, trackable phone numbers, personalized URLs, business reply cards (BRCs) and more.

Testing and Refinement

Every campaign teaches us something, and we at Soulo never stop learning. All of our marketing efforts, our own and our clients’, have given us clear insight into what works and what doesn’t. We would love to share what we have learned in our over 20 years in the marketing space with you. Our first consultation is always free, so why wait?

Let's Start
with an idea

We are committed to your success and, as always, all our work is customized to your project and goals. That’s the SOULO difference.