Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are a great way to announce something long-lasting. They are typically mounted on the exterior walls of a developed property or building, or installed free-standing on a post or other podium. They are a great way to announce the name and location of your business to the world, day and night.

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These are a very common type of channel letter sign. Because they are almost always mounted outside, and not in an easy-to-reach place, they are made with durable materials like aluminum and acrylic. The illumination comes from LED lights inside the letters, making them glow with whatever color the acrylic front is, which makes the sign highly visible and identifiable in the brightest sunshine or the darkest night.

Face-lit channel letters are relatively maintenance-free, but one reason they are so popular is because the acrylic face is easy to remove, which makes it simple to replace the LEDs inside when needed.


Cabinet signs, also called “wall” or “box” signs, are a great way to get
attention for your business. Think of a car dealership off the highway—there’s probably a tall sign proclaiming both the make of car sold there and the dealership name. Add internal LED lighting, and that cabinet sign becomes a glowing beacon when the sun goes down.

Like channel letters, these are almost always exposed to outdoor conditions, so they need to be designed and constructed with that in mind. A common method is a durable metal frame with an acrylic front, if it’s a one-sided sign, or front and back for a two-sided sign. Cabinet signs are a great solution for any business, whether mounted to a wall or perched on a post high in the sky (as high as local code allows, that is).


No LED sign installation is ever the same, which is why an experienced installer is so critical. SOULO's sign installers have extensive experience with LED face-lit channel letter and LED cabinet signs. They can figure out the best way to install your sign right where you want it, no matter where it’s going or what surface it’s going on. Brick, wood, steel, vinyl—we’ve worked with all kinds of wall coverings. We’ll position your sign in a way that maximizes its visibility and complies with local code.

LED illuminated signs are a terrific way to identify your business’ location for people, to tell them what you do there, and to give them an early—and great—impression of your brand. And when night falls, these signs just keep right on working, shining your message into the night, until the sun rises again. Day after day, year after year, LED illuminated signs are a true workhorse for your business.


Almost all places have municipal code that governs illuminated signs. These laws can range widely, impacting the size and location of the sign, the materials the sign is made of, the colors and font selection, and more. If you’re in a building that is a designated historical site, you might have even fewer options in designing an illuminated sign.

Fortunately, at SOULO we know how to interpret and work within these codes. Our graphic design team can design an illuminated sign that is easy to see and understand, one that is recognizable, memorable, fits perfectly with your brand, and will not get you in trouble with the city.


No matter what type of illuminated sign you choose, material selection is important. These signs have to be durable and able to withstand the sun’s UV rays as well as rain, hail, and extreme heat and cold (and even snow). Face-lit channel letters and cabinet signs are both typically mounted somewhere that’s not easy to reach, so the materials have to be low maintenance, too.

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