Custom Envelopes

So much of what we find in our mailbox simply ends up in the recycling bin, often without even being opened. Sometimes you just know it’s junk mail. The answer to this problem? Custom envelopes. By adding your branding and logo to customized envelopes, it marks them as something different, something more professional. Your mail is not junk mail. With custom branded envelopes, your mail will not only be seen, but the envelopes will add professionalism to your brand awareness.

Custom Envelope Printing
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Custom printed envelope with a donation form printed on it

Custom Printed Envelopes with SOULO

Custom envelopes come with a variety of options. These range from size and paper weight to color and flap style. A standard window envelope is just the thing to send out invoices. An off-white envelope offers a warmer color. Sizes are plentiful, so you can fit inside whatever it is you have to mail. No matter what your envelope needs, SOULO can make them a reality.

Personalize your branding

This is where custom envelopes are at their best. With the full spectrum of four-color printing, you can use eye-catching graphics on your envelopes to increase the probability that your mail is opened and seen, versus simply being tossed into the recycling bin.

Design Services
Custom printed envelope with company logos in the sender address

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