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Packaging Design, Utepils Summer Adventure Pack

People shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but they do!

And your packaging design is just as important. You need a design that reflects your brand, your product, and will stand out from your competition. Whether you’re attracting new customers, or making your brand recognizable to current ones, SOULO can help to create effective and impactful designs that work in multiple channels, at multiple viewpoints, and often in widely different sizes and formats. Whether you’re unsure of where to display your brand, or if your brand is eye-catching enough, SOULO can help determine the best design strategies for you.


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As an up-and-coming craft brewery in the Twin Cities, Utepils Brewing knew that to make it big they not only needed fantastic beer, but fantastic design to match. Their cans and advertisements had to stand out, be visually appealing, and be recognizable enough so that customers could easily pick them out at a crowded bar or store. SOULO reimagined the Utepils brand with bold colors, eye catching art, and a font that embodied Utepils’ ties to traditional Belgian brewing techniques. From can art to tap handles, the new design was implemented across all aspects of their business and is now instantly recognizable in any setting.

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