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Outdoor Signs

It might be a monument sign at the entrance of a business. It could be a banner sign over the street to announce a holiday celebration. Or it could be as simple as traffic signs helping people to find their way. No matter the form, outdoor signs are an important marketing tool to advertise and inform to all who pass by. Highly effective, they also offer a high return on investment, because they advertise as long as they last.

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Lasting outdoor signs that get noticed

An outdoor sign needs to be seen to be effective, but because it’s an outdoor sign, it needs to be durable as well. After all, if the colors fade or the materials break down, the sign no longer serves its purpose—in fact, now it just makes your brand look shabby. Contrasting colors and readable fonts with sharp imagery and designs are just the starting point of making an outdoor sign that not only pops visually but allows your audience to quickly take in information.

Signs that are too hard to read quickly aren’t read at all. The sign’s materials have to be chosen to survive the local weather conditions. Colors shouldn’t quickly fade in the bright sun, nor should the substrate break down from freeze-thaw cycles or other harsh—but expected—weather. Well-designed signs that last provide a high ROI for years to come.

Soulo knows signs

Soulo’s team of design and marketing experts can help you get the right sign design for your brand to attract the attention you need. Our team of print and installation experts have the knowledge to make sure your sign is constructed to last, no matter what nature has in store for it.

Soulo has designed, built, and installed many signs over the past quarter century. We have the experience needed to know what it takes for a company to use effective outdoor signs.

Design and customization

Eye-catching designs that are easily read are essential for outdoor signs. Your signs should attract attention and inform your audience all at once. The materials you use in your signs need to allow the signs to meet your branding and building aesthetics.

Licensed and Insured

Anyone installing your sign should be licensed and insured. Not only are there safety concerns, but there are local regulations around signs. Being licensed and insured means Soulo has the legal requirements to safely operate.  Allowing you avoid fines and unnecessary rework.

Installation and Maintenance

Outdoor signs can’t be effective for the long haul if they aren’t properly installed and maintained. Soulohas all the necessary equipment to properly and cleanly install the signs we create. For permanent signs, regular maintenance is equally important to preserve the sign’s functionality and appearance.


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