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SOULO’s amazing signs team has tackled a wide diversity of interesting and challenging signs projects over the years. Because of our knowledge and experience our customers have been able to reliably depend on our design, custom production, and installation expertise, no matter the complexity of the project or site. We sat down with a few team members to talk about what makes a sign project run smoothly. Our shared goal is that every project is completed on-time and on-budget and our customers are delighted with the results.

Here are a few “Best Practices” we follow to ensure success:

We thoroughly understand the customer’s needs and physical location requirements. Every sign is custom-designed to the customer’s requirements so we first ask a lot of questions:

  • “Is the location already decided or would you like us to recommend the site based on our design and communication knowledge?”
  • “What are the key communication goals: Navigation, Education, Inspiration?”
  • “Do you need permits? We will pull the necessary permits for you in compliance with local regulations.”
  • “If illuminated, how close are the utilities located, and are local code permissions obtained?”
  • “Who is your primary target audience?”
  • “What is the key message and call-to-action?”
  • “What is your budget?”
  • “Is the sign intended to be permanent or temporary?”

We design to reflect your company or brand’s imagery, tone, and personality:

Your customers gain an instantaneous impression of your brand when they see your sign. That’s why we pay significant attention to the key branding elements that have built your brand: Color palette, font, key messaging, key visuals. The sign structure or format will play a key role in how these elements are perceived, so we design with a 3-D mindset, with the goal of optimizing communication at different distances and sight-lines. And if it’s a sign that is attached to a building, we need to think through design compatibility in that context. We also often work on buildings or city areas that are designated “historical” which requires additional sensitivity.

Mainstream boutique and Wilson Law Group Image

We produce with mathematical precision for optimum quality and efficiency:

We understand the correct file setup for maximum efficiency and our QA team is vigilant about using the best high-resolution images for a crisp and compelling brand/message presentation. Our signs team is made up of graphic designers who have the eye of artists when it comes to color matching and fidelity to your brand visual assets. Our emphasis on lowest-possible waste is good for all.

Mayo lenticular sign

We are turnkey from design to installation:

Our installation staff excel at challenging sites and locations. We juggle due dates and delivery/install challenges to meet our customers’ needs and on their timing. If it’s an interior sign, our installers know if the surface is prepared correctly and ready for an install. Finally, we keep an eye on wear-and-tear for our sign installs to better recommend renewal and replacement. We also maintain inventory for many customers.

The Wings signs

Our process emphasizes efficiency so we can offer the best possible value:

We know that signs often represent a significant investment in your marketing and we partner with you to drive the highest possible value from your money. Having a detailed process, staffed with experienced people, ensures the best possible value for you. And because we are an agile, vertically integrated communications company, the multi-functional team works together seamlessly to eliminate surprises and misunderstandings. We are proud of our work and really proud of our talented team.

SOULO is a full-service marketing and communications agency that helps client partners get the most from their projects through signage, printing, and digital marketing. Ready to get started? Contact us today!


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