ADA and Wayfinding Signage

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team delivers legally compliant, brand-building ADA signs

Signs that comply with
the law and your brand

SOULO knows how to create and install necessary ADA and wayfinding signage. We should; we’ve done it thousands of times, and always ensured that all multi-factored legal requirements are met:

  • ADA Wayfinding signage placement and mandated height
  • Correct use of Braille or tactile letters
  • Colors and fonts that are legal and easy to read
  • Minimum size requirements by location
  • Distance visibility requirements

Beyond just the basics

Whenever possible, our graphic designers use your visual brand – especially shape – to make the sign itself a branded touchpoint piece of architectural decor. Our signs accent a building’s style, grab attention, and are visually pleasing.

Our goal is to let you focus on yours: getting the building completed on time. You don’t have to worry about the legal requirements of the building and parking lot. We know the laws, including those specific to your locality. That means ADA and wayfinding requirements, but also fire marshal access rules. SOULO can guide you and create legally effective signs.

MAKING ADA and wayfinding signage Turnkey

Soulo has created and installed thousands of ADA and wayfinding signs. Let our experience guide you through hurdles such as:

  • Legally required sign placement and setbacks
  • Electrical/digital requirements
  • Graphic design solutions that enhance branding
  • Site verification and advice
  • Installation

Signs Materials

Aluminum, wood, acrylic, plastic, rowmark, sintra.


Glow-in-the-dark ADA signage, Engraved plaques