Traffic and Parking Signs

Traffic and parking signs are some of the most common sign types you see every day. They are so ubiquitous that you often take them in and forget them all in a few seconds. Even though they can so quickly pass through your mind, they are very important to keep our roads and parking lots safe and functioning smoothly.

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What are Common Traffic and Parking Sign Types?

There are a lot of traffic signs out there. They all serve different purposes, but their function is the same. They help keep us safe in our travels.

Traffic Regulatory Signs

Traffic signs regulate the roadways and parking lots we all use. They warn and inform people of how to navigate the space safely. Common examples include: stop signs, stop ahead signs, wrong way signs, pedestrian crossing signs, etc.

Parking Signs

Parking signs tell you where and when you can park in a lot. They tell you if a space is reserved or if it requires a permit. They give timeframes of when you are allowed to park in that spot. They are important to keep space open for emergency vehicles to reach emergencies, and for people with mobility difficulties to park close to entrances.

Construction Signs

Construction signs warn us that a road or parking lot is under construction. For example: road closed signs tell us a section is closed to traffic. Detour signs show drivers another way.

Street Signs

Street signs tell us the names of the streets, park paths, and trails we are on.

School Signs

School signs warn us that a school is near, and children are present in the area. Some of these signs mark bus loading zones. Others notify drivers of a lower speed limit when children are present. These signs let you know you need to be cautious

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Traffic and parking signs are, for the most part, outdoor signs. So, they have to withstand extreme weather from freezing blizzards to scorching droughts. Given their harsh existence, traffic signs need to be made of very durable materials. Metal signs are the most common type. Plastic signs can be used as well, and they work well in areas reserved for only foot traffic. State or local codes may dictate that traffic signs and their posts be made of metal, so these regulations often limit material choices.

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While regulations often limit designs for common traffic signs, company branded signs can still be made for areas that are less prone to accidents. For example, reserved parking signs are a good example of places a business logo or branding colors can be incorporated into the sign. SOULO’s graphic design experts know when and how customization can be done, so they can help your project along, keeping it safe and legal.

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Like the other aspects of creating and installing signs, installing a traffic sign is often regulated. SOULO’s sign installation experts know the federal, state, and local codes that may govern how your traffic and parking signs must be installed. Our installers have installed thousands of signs over the years, and they have the knowledge and equipment to install your sign the right way.

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