Directional Signage

Directional signs point the way (often literally) and inform. It might be an arrow pointing the way to the restrooms. It could be a building directory telling you the floor and suite number of your doctor’s office. They are a necessary and helpful feature of any business or organization. With a variety of materials, sign types, colors, etc., you can direct and inform people while keeping your brand front and center.
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What are Common Types of Directional Signage?

Directional signs are everywhere. They point the way, helping you find where you are going. They give you necessary information, helping you know what to do or where to find what you are looking for. They label things, so you know you’re in the right place when you get there.


Direction and wayfinding signs help your visitors find their way inside and outside of your business. Some common examples are restroom location signs, stairway signs, exit arrow signs, etc.


Information signs give people any information that is needed to navigate or use an area safely and successfully. They might give rules for using a hotel pool. They might list the businesses in a multi-tenant building. Anything that tells people things they need to know.


Identification signs let your visitors know what is what and who is who. These signs often go hand in hand with directional signs. A directional sign may point the way to Guest Services, for example, but the sign reading “Guest Services” lets people know they found the right spot.

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The materials chosen for a specific sign vary depending on its use and location (indoor or outdoor), as well as any regulations that apply. Common materials include metal, plastic, vinyl and foam. The goal is always to assist everyone to navigate a space successfully and safely. The sign experts at SOULO have created and installed thousands of signs; we know the codes so you don’t have to. Let our sign experts keep you on the correct legal track.

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Depending on the location, use, and regulations, the design of the sign can still be open to creativity. The graphic designers at SOULO can artfully incorporate your logo and branding to just about any sign you need. And with our sign experts by their side, they are sure to choose the right material for the job. That way, the sign will stand out visually and be long-lasting. If you have your own finished designs, our sign experts can create just what you ordered. Our top-of-the-line equipment can cut and shape just about any variations you need.

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Like rules regarding material choices, there are also rules governing how a sign is installed. Signs have to keep a certain clearance around them, for instance. They need to be installed at a certain height. Local codes may dictate setback limits and dimensions. Our sign installation experts have installed thousands of signs over the years. They have the experience and knowledge about what codes, federal down to local, require of an installation. SOULO has done the research, so you don’t have to.

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