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Every time you enter an office building, you’ll see name plate signs mounted to doors and walls and sitting on desktops. These simple and helpful signs are used to identify, navigate, and inform. They show names and titles. They label suite numbers and departments. They may even offer simple instructions. They help people find who they’re looking for and to navigate their way. Plus, with a variety of color and design options available, they can even be used to promote your company’s branding.
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The main purpose for a name plate is to display a person’s name and title. While that may seem obvious and simple, they serve an additional purpose as a navigation tool. Even in today’s digitally connected office, an in-person discussion is often needed to clear up confusion. Name plates on office doors or cubicle entrances can help employees and visitors walk through the office to find the person they are looking for, making for fewer intrusions into other employees’ day-to-day work.


Other than displaying names, name plates can be used for labels as well. For example, use a name plate to identify each department in your office, so employees and visitors know what section of the office they are in. They can also label shelving in a library to denote fiction from non-fiction. Or they can be displayed on a table to show product names.


Name plates offer an easy way to point people through your building. For example, a sign with an arrow telling people suites 100 through 200 are this way, or engineering to the left and sales to the right.

Non-Traditional Uses for Name Plates

Directional signs are everywhere. They point the way, helping you find where you are going. They give you necessary information, helping you know what to do or where to find what you are looking for. They label things, so you know you’re in the right place when you get there.

Information and Instructions

Name plates can also provide short, simple bits of information or instructions. Banks, DMVs, and other institutions often use name plates to tell customers Next Lane Please or Window Temporarily Closed.


Name plates also provide a great way to add a bit of fun to the office. Use them to mark holidays from across the world, display words of encouragement, or show people your favorite quote.
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The most common material used for name plate signs is acrylic. It offers cost-effective pricing with a variety of design options. It can be cut with precision. It can be CNC’d to have raised letterings. It can even be printed on, making the color options nearly endless. Or if you want a bit more of a traditional look, metal and wood can be used to achieve an elegant appearance.

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While it may seem that a simple name plate doesn’t need much for design, there’s a lot of room on these small signs for creativity. There are color and font choices to think through, maybe even engraved imagery. In those choices, each name plate can be created to match your company’s branding, logo included. If you don’t know where to start, no worries! SOULO’s graphic designers can create your name plate signs to match your company’s style.

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After your name plates have been designed and manufactured, SOULO’s sign experts will install them for you. It may not be as simple as sticking it to the wall or door, after all. The Americans with Disabilities Act often dictates how signs must be installed. Our sign installation experts know just the right height and placement for your signs.

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Whether you need a few signs or fifty, contact SOULO today to be certain you are ADA compliant.

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