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Twins Bus

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Three-dimensional marketing pieces are notoriously challenging. A lot of proverbial “moving parts” need to come together for a professional, attention-grabbing final product. In this case, those parts were really moving: Soulo was tasked with creating a wrap for an entire tour bus. Windows included. The wrap would showcase our beloved hometown Minnesota Twins, and Soulo wanted to knock it out of the park.


What happens when you have a large-scale project but every millimeter counts? You do a lot of calculations. Soulo relied on a HP Latex printer to precision-craft custom pieces for the tour bus. They used 3M vinyl with laminate for the majority of the project, with Clear Focus perforated material on the windows.
Twins Bus Wrap half way done
Almost done twins bus


With a state-of- the-art catalog of printing technology, Soulo can step up to the plate on a wide array of complicated projects. But it’s Soulo’s team that enable them to swing for the fences. High-end material means there’s no room for error, but the team was up to the challenge. Each step of the process involved different team members, but they maintained constant communication to make sure every base was covered.
Twins Bus Wrap with a Pepsi Ad and a cub Foods Ad
Twins Bus Wrap with a Pepsi Ad


Soulo’s meticulous planning and execution paid off. They produced the best possible yield out of the materials without sacrificing time on the installation, saving the client both time and money. By all accounts, the end result was a home run.
Twins Bus Fan Express
Truck Vehicle Wrap

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