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Graphic Finishing Services

Website Design & Development
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Graphic Finishing Services, a book binding company based in Coon Rapids, needed a new website. Their existing site looked dated and didn't use the type of responsive design that allows for a good user experience when visited on any type of device (computer, mobile, tablet). They wanted to update their web presence to better reflect the kind of high-quality work they do, as well as make their customer experience be as great online as it is in the real world.

After performing an audit of their existing site, SOULO began working on the new design.


Site Mapping
Content Structure
Visual Design

Managed Hosting

Full Mobile mockup of GFS website


We developed a new color palette to freshen up their site's look and feel, and developed some new icons that help illustrate and highlight specific aspects of their work.
Color Pallet
Binding Icons


We were in frequent communication with Graphic Finishing Services throughout the project, but had milestone meetings/approvals for the initial, low-fidelity wireframe design, and then later with the high-fidelity wireframe design. Approval of the first led to the second, and approval of the hi-fi wireframe gave us the go-ahead to do the full site development, including some custom photography to help them stand out.


The final product is a website that is easy to use and navigate on any device, but always looks like it was intended for that device. The modern design and function tell potential customers from the first time they visit the site just what kind of high-quality work they can expect from GFS.
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