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If you’re thinking about getting a company vehicle wrapped, we recommend going through this list to see if that investment is the “right” one. Over the years, we’ve done a lot of wrap jobs; one of the most common we do is vehicle wraps. We've served customers who've proudly flaunted their wraps for many years, attesting to its unparalleled value as an advertising asset.

While some wraps exude sheer style, our repertoire reflects diverse reasons why businesses choose us for their vehicle wrapping needs. We can't stress that enough, you want to work with a design company that can match the personality and style of your brand. With that said, let's take a look at how wraps can have an impact on your company.

Advertise Anywhere And Everywhere

When it comes to advertising everywhere you go, you can’t beat a company vehicle wrap, especially if you have a fleet of vehicles. A vehicle wrap gives immediate recognition of your company the moment you pass people or people pass your vehicle. 

Even better, advertising on your vehicle is one of the best non-intrusive advertising strategies out there. In an era where people favor shorter or skippable ads, a vehicle wrap remains omnipresent without being bothersome. It's a static presence, impossible to overlook or ignore. People acknowledge it as your company's vehicle, granting you the rightful space for advertising.

More Miles, More Advertising

A vehicle wrap serves as a continuous boon for any business. The average mileage on a vehicle is 12K-15K miles annually. With that in mind, a vehicle  15,000 miles annually can potentially reach nearly 10 million individuals. The more you traverse with your wrapped vehicle, the greater the exposure for your business. This is great for company branding. The lifespan of the vehicle wrap usually exceeds that of the vehicle, which is another critical factor for businesses with extensive service areas or aspirations for expansion.

When you consider how many people can view your phone number, website, logo, and slogan, it's definitely a marketing KPI you want to start tracking.

Vehicle Wraps Are “Eye Catching”

A vehicle wrap isn't just effective mobile advertising; it commands attention. Here’s the proof; according to a study by the American Trucking Association, a staggering 96% of individuals take note of truck-side advertisements. Here’s some amazing vehicle graphics stats that may just surprise you;

  • 96% noticed truck side ads.
  • 98% said fleet graphics created a positive image for the company.
  • 96% said fleet graphics had more impact than billboards.
  • 75% of people developed an impression about a company and its products.
  • 29% would base a buying decision on the impression.
  • 98% of in-car audiences indicated they noticed truck-side ads.
  • 91% of target audiences noticed both graphics and text.
  • Studies show that 96% of the viewers of mobile outdoor advertisements say they have more impact than a static billboard.

When you think about the negative comments on display ads and video ads online, we see the complete opposite for truck side ads. These numbers don’t surprise us as we’ve gathered feedback from many clients we’re wrapped vehicles for, they’re “eye catching” and they can help you grow your business.

Vinyl Wraps Can Give You More Protection

A vinyl wrap provides a shield for your company's vehicle, safeguarding the underlying paint from harm. It's important to note that a vinyl wrap doesn't offer absolute protection against damage. It's best to view it as an extra layer, akin to a wearing a jacket when it's cold. While this benefit might not be the most prominent, it's a reassuring extra to consider.

Standing Out In The Crowd

If you’re driving down a busy interstate or are bumper to bumper in the city, you may have noticed that your eyes often catch vehicle graphics. Wrapped vehicles stand out in the crowd when surrounded by vehicles without graphics. It's this uniqueness that renders a vehicle advertisement highly conspicuous to road users. As long as you're working with a great graphic design company, you'll have the ability to stand out in the crowd.

Moreover, it has the potential to inject some excitement into people's daily commutes (don’t judge!). Next time you're driving down the road, pay attention to the vehicles you see. If you do, you'll notice just how much truck wraps, van wraps, and others stick out.

Get A Graphic Design You’ll Love With A Passion

One of the best benefits of having vehicle wrapped services is the fact that you have the opportunity to showcase a graphic design that represents your brand and message. There’s a wide range of custom vehicle wrap options to choose from. If you want to incorporate your graphic design, we can do it. If you need help with a custom vehicle wrap design, we can help with that too. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car wrap, van wrap, truck wrap, we can help find the “right” vehicle graphic design.

Keeping It Clean Is Not Difficult

Is “cleaning” a liability for vehicle wraps? Not at all. Once you’re vehicle is wrapped, we recommend using soap and water to get it clean. In our opinion, hand-washing is the best method of cleaning your wrapped vehicle. You won’t need to invest in special cleaning solutions just because you have wrapped vehicles. Just make sure the water pressure is below 1800 psi and the water temperature is below 180 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as you follow these care instructions, your wrap can last a long time.

Vehicle Wraps Can Last For Years

How long can a company wrap last? That’s a great question. This is a big factor to weigh out when budgeting for advertising. A well-maintained wrap usually surpasses the lifespan of the vehicle it adorns. When you calculate the longevity of the wrap in terms of advertising exposure over time, you'll realize that it offers exceptional value for your investment. Upon completion of our wrapping services, we ensure our customers are equipped with the knowledge needed to properly maintain their wrap, maximizing its lifespan and advertising impact.

Check out this article that covers vehicle wrap prep and maintenance to learn more about extending the life of your wraps.

Wraps For Most Scenarios

Over the years, we’ve wrapped a wide variety of different vehicles, we’ve seen just about anything and everything get wrapped. The good news, there’s a lot of flexibility here, you can get:

If you need a graphic design wrap for a vehicle, the team at SOULO can definitely help with just about any type of scenario you have.

More Durable Than Paint

Vehicle wraps typically outlast traditional paint jobs. While a top-notch paint job might endure the vehicle's lifespan, standard paint jobs usually fade within a couple of years. In contrast, a premium vehicle wrap can maintain its quality for up to a decade. Furthermore, wraps are thicker than paint and lack pores, rendering them more resilient to damage and simpler to upkeep.

Many Texture Options

Vinyl excels in offering a range of texture options, unlike paint which typically provides only a smooth finish. Paint's lack of textural variety often disappoints buyers seeking to personalize their vehicles and make a distinctive statement on the road. In contrast, vehicle wraps offer diverse textures and matte finishes, allowing you to customize the tactile experience of your vehicle. Beyond altering the feel of the car, textured wraps can dramatically transform its appearance, offering a unique aesthetic appeal.

Safer And Easier To Remove Than Paint

Removing paint can be a much bigger challenge than most people realize. When faced with the need to remove paint or restore a scuffed panel, the process often involves manual sanding or the use of mechanical or chemical removal solutions, which can incur additional costs.

Manual removal demands strenuous effort, while mechanical methods can potentially harm the vehicle's surface.

In contrast, removing a vehicle wrap is remarkably straightforward and doesn't entail labor-intensive procedures. Typically, it involves heating the decal, gently peeling it off by hand, and using an adhesive remover if necessary.

In Closing

Vehicle wraps offer a multifaceted marketing solution for businesses seeking to enhance brand visibility and reach. These wraps transform vehicles into moving billboards, effectively broadcasting brand messaging to a diverse audience across various locations. 

With eye-catching designs and customizable graphics, fleet wraps can grab attention and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Moreover, they serve as a cost-effective advertising method, providing continuous exposure without recurring expenses. Additionally, wraps offer a layer of protection to the vehicle's surface, preserving its resale value. 

Overall, investing in company vehicle wraps not only amplifies brand awareness but also ensures a dynamic and mobile advertising presence, making it a compelling choice for businesses that want to maximize their marketing impact.

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