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A Soulo Case Study

MidDel Consulting

Website Design & Development
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Mid Del mobile, tablet, and iphone mockup


MidDel Consulting is a a boutique professional services firm and system integrator and, a leader in energy industry consulting. They wanted an updated website that looked more contemporary and was created to be dynamic, adjusting so it looks good on any device. After performing an audit of their existing site, SOULO began working on the new design.


Site Mapping
Content Structure

Visual Design

Image depicting the original website design.


We worked closely with Mid Del to identify their goals for the web redesign, and laid the foundation for frequent touch points to keep every stakeholder involved in the project.


  • Visual overhaul of the entire website

  • Mobile friendly design

  • Career software integration

  • Update deployment of blog


We built out wireframes that modeled the site, then revised them after collaborating with Mid Del. Once we had the wireframe approved, we moved on to page design.
Home Page Low fidelity wireframe
Expertise page low fidelity wireframe
About page low fidelity wireframe
Contact page low fidelity wireframe


With the broad direction approved, we started fleshing out the design, eventually crating a clickable prototype that let the client get a real feel for how it would feel to use their website.

Adobe XD example


With the wireframe and prototypes approved, we did the full design of Mid Del's new dynamic site using WordPress. Part of this process included building a more functional blog and helping train Mid Del on how to update it.

Home Page scroll
MidDel Blog PageExpertise DesktopContact Form Desktop
Mobile home page
Mobile contact page


Now MidDel has a website that suits the kind of company it is: professional, dynamic, and one that makes life better for clients.

A lot like SOULO, now that we think of it!
Mid Del mobile, tablet, and iphone mockup

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