Hamline Church Monument Sign

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The Challenge

When Hamline United Methodist Church sought out Soulo to update their main sign, these were just a few of the challenges embedded in the project.

Old broken hamline chirch sign


Black and white photo of the original church

Impact and Harmony

Aiming to blend historic elements with modern technology and materials, the Soulo team opted for a custom, LED-lit monument sign featuring changeable letters and anti-graffiti coating, flanked by stately brick pillars.
Hamline church texture swatches


Both Soulo and Church leaders new the knew sign had to be much bigger in order to be impactful, but the sign is located smack dab in the middle of the church’s rain garden and nobody wanted to interfere with the plantings. A variance was required, and the team had to be absolutely on-point when it came to sizing and placement to maximize visibility while staying within the variance and accommodating the rain garden.
Hamline church proof sheet


Church representatives are very pleased with the result, reporting “lots of compliments” on Soulo’s effort. The new sign is elegant, stately, and prominent. In short, it’s worthy of the extraordinary institution it represents—and that’s a high calling.
Hamline Chirch sign final