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Environmental Branding is a mix of interior design, construction, and traditional signs. At its heart, environmental branding is an application of your brand in a physical space. For instance, if your office building has a reception area, how do you want it to look? What do you want it to say as a first impression to customers walking in the door?

This extends to, well, almost anything. The color and graphics in an entryway. Or a conference room. An accent wall or lighting—environmental branding refers to almost anything that incorporates your brand, and can even elevate it to something akin to art. Sometimes it IS art (at least for sign permitting purposes).


We are here to help guide you through the process of sign selections, design, local and government rules—anything that impacts signs. At SOULO we have all types of interior signs to promote your brand, direct your clients, advertise, and bring your ideas to life.

Whether you’re in a planning stage or looking to update or anything in between, SOULO can provide you with years of insight on interior signs.


Whether you want individual window clings in custom shapes and sizes, or a giant window covered in perforated film for a huge, cinematic effect, window graphics are the perfect way to express yourself, tell your story, and deliver your message.


One of the most exciting types of signs, wall art and murals can literally transform a space from dull to dramatic. From business applications that turn “quiet” walls into a promotional symphony, to highly artistic applications in home and office décor, wall art can redefine your physical surroundings for any purpose.


Trade shows are a staple of the marketing diet for many companies, one that feeds the sales pipeline. To maximize the effect of your money and your time, it’s essential to partner with an agency that can execute across the full spectrum, from pre-show to the show itself and then to post-show marketing activities. SOULO takes an integrated marketing approach to your event to ensure your investment pays off.


SOULO will work with you to design, produce, and install a sign that fits your brand, communicates your message in a clear, concise way, and gets you noticed. With SOULO you’re not just buying a sign, you’re buying results.


SOULO can put a graphic on just about anything. Windows, walls, and floors are only the beginning. A recycling bin next to the entry, or the concrete post in the parking lot can immediately send a message for advertising or security. There is space all around you that can become an eye-catching marketing avenue.


Floor graphics offer a fantastic opportunity to enhance your promotional messaging. Durable yet easy to change, remove, and maintain, they make a great addition to your point-of-purchase or branding campaign.

SOULO is a full-service marketing and communications agency that helps client partners get the most from their projects through signageprinting, and digital marketing. Ready to get started? Contact us today!


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