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Why get a new website?

Your customers expect a modern, well-designed, easy to navigate web experience. Websites help your business build legitimacy and position you as an expert in your field. Having an up-to-date website can make the difference between a sale and a loss. Your website might be out of date, lack responsive (mobile) design practices, load very slowly, or it may just lack the content and information customers need to connect with you. 

Why choose SOULO?

Your website is frequently the first point of contact for your customers. As a full-service creative agency, SOULO can integrate all of your marketing channels to improve your customer’s journey at every touch point. From social media, email, and even your print collateral, SOULO can tailor your customer’s experience.

For example, let’s say you sell apparel. Organic SEO in that circumstance is very competitive and you may find yourself unable to elbow your way to the front of the line in Google. As a result, you’ll find more success selling through Facebook and Instagram.  Unfortunately, those platforms are very limited in the ability they offer you to run an ecommerce business. But they can play a valuable role in your sales funnel.

Enter your website. Your website can provide not only a more robust platform to sell on, but it also legitimizes your business in a way that lets you tell your story. As a result, websites are a nexus for your marketing. Customers can find reviews, work examples, make purchases, sign up for newsletters, and download resources that will have them coming back for more.

What can I expect?

After you have spoken to your SOULO account manager, you will be assigned a project manager. SOULO will start with a comprehensive audit and analysis of your current web presence, not only to assess your situation, but bring to light issues that might interest you. Together we will establish the scope and objective of your website process.

Once done, we will begin our 5-step design and development process.


This is the initial meeting. SOULO will use this to establish your customer base, your business goals, run a competitive audit, and start getting an idea of what you need.


During this phase we will use everything found in the discovery process to create a sitemap of your website.


This is the fun part. We develop the visual representation of your website, allowing you to revise and make changes. This phase concludes with a visual prototype of key pages for your approval.


This is the point where we actually build your website. You will be relatively hands off during this process (the real decisions are all made during the Design phase), but we will provide progress updates as the project moves along.


Once we've built all your pages, we will get your approval and then it's time to launch! When launch date arrives, we do the backend work to make it available to the public; you just sit back and watch the visitors come!

For every web project, SOULO provides

  • Mobile optimization
  • Custom WordPress solutions
  • Website design and development services
  • SEO considerations
  • UX and UI development
  • Hosting options

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