Email Marketing: a Cost-Effective Way to Build a Customer Base and Increase Sales

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Email marketing isn’t just that stuff that fills a spam folder. It’s the newsletter that keeps your customers informed. It’s an email telling people about your big sale. When done right, email marketing is a cost-effective way to increase sales, re-engage your existing customers, and bring in new customers, all while keeping your emails out of that spam folder.

Email List

One of the first things to do when you want to start or expand your email marketing is to build an email list. This is not something you buy. This is important enough to repeat: do not buy an email list! That is a sure way to get your emails marked as spam. An email list is something you build from scratch. It should be populated with people who want to hear from you or your business.

This is where SOULO can help. With our team of marketing experts, graphic designers, and content creators, we can create engaging social media posts, distribute lead magnets, and create content designed to drive people to your website. Once there, customers use a custom-built web form to add themselves to your email list. With new and existing customers signed on, you will have an email distribution list filled with people who actively want to hear about your business and what you have going on.

Promotional and Informational Emails

Promotional and informational emails, like newsletters, are a great way to ignite your subscribers’ interest, and let them know of sales, offers, new products/services, events, and business updates.

With SOULO’s full suite of services, we can create engaging emails filled with professional photos, graphics, and content that will make your emails a must-read and keep them in your customers’ inboxes, giving your business more exposure to new and existing customers.

Email Automation

Email automation is a powerful tool. It allows you to track data, run automated campaigns, perform A/B testing on those campaigns, track responses, and adjust based on results. Overall, it allows you to use the data you collect to create emails that are personalized to each subscriber. This personalized approach connects your subscribers to your brand, improves customer retention rates, and increases click-through rates.

To do all of this, SOULO and our full creative services team has partnered with Sharpspring to take analytical data and turn it into creative and engaging email campaigns.

If your email marketing is not showing the results you were hoping for, let SOULO and our full suite of creative services keep your email campaigns out of the spam folder and in the inbox.


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