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As business people we get a lot of satisfaction from the work that we do for our clients. When we see an effective direct mail campaign, or a newly redesigned website that drives traffic, or a clever attention-getting vehicle wrap, it makes us feel good that we helped our clients grow their businesses.

But sometimes it’s the small things we get to do that make us feel really good.

One day last week many of us walked into the sales area and glanced at the shiny new oars resting crossways on Thomas’s desk.

Curious, we thought.

What was a challenging graphics job turned out to be even more meaningful.

Troy, who is suffering from incurable brain cancer, has a true friend named Curt. They share a love for the University of Minnesota football team. Curt wanted to create a special pair of oars with the U of M “Row the Boat” insignia that would be signed by family and friends as a special encouragement for Troy.

The U of M graciously granted permission to use the Golden Gophers logo and “Row the Boat” language. We were delighted to convey the message on an unusual medium along with our own heartfelt best wishes for Troy.
A gesture designed to show affection for a special friend made us all reflect on the importance of treasuring family and friends during these troubled times.

Someone once said, “It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters.”
We’re grateful for Curt. And glad we could help.


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