To Give and To Receive and To Taste

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At the end of July, Bossman Tom and his family went to Washington DC for a vacation (where they rented a townhouse that turned out to be like two doors down from speaker of the house and orange Grimace understudy, John Boehner). Meanwhile, my family was on vacation as well, but sometimes clients need things. So Tom contacted me about writing up some promo copy, I managed to gather my sources and write the copy on my phone while en route back to the cabin from the Chahinkapa Zoo.

It wasn't that big a deal; I was a passenger in the truck and didn't need to navigate, so I was free to do the work. But Tom hates interrupting someone's vacation, though his own don't usually get the same consideration, so in gratitude he picked me up a little something in DC, ferried it back here, and presented it to me.

A Chip Tate-era Balcones release? Really makes a guy feel appreciated. Thanks, Boss!


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