Summer Hours: Good for the Soul

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Maintaining a sustainable work-life balance is important: happiness in one part of your life informs the others, and when the work-life balance is out of whack, both the work and the life suffer. Time off makes us more productive, happier employees. A happy, rested employee is a collaborative, effective one, etc. But who are we kidding - we don't have to convince you; you work, you get it.

In an attempt to foster a better work-life balance for its employees, SOULO is shifting to a four-day workweek for the summer. This will give our employees more flexibility to spend time with their families, friends, loved ones, engrossed in hobbies, out on the water, at the beach, in the woods, in the garden, at the movies, enthusing over model trains, geeking out over craft beer or spirits, cooking and instagramming cuisine, papering over the windows to block out the dreaded sun and mainlining trash TV - whatever recharges the batteries.

SOULO will continue its normal staffing hours of roughly 5 AM to 8 PM or so. Just not on Fridays.
Summer hours go into effect Monday, May 16, and last through Friday, September 2 this year.
The work we do for our clients will be better for it. Thanks for your understanding.


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