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It began as a class project for a group of University of Minnesota students who loved craft beer and wanted to share that joy with others.

The idea was to make a passport-like book that listed Minnesota’s craft breweries and offered Buy One, Get One pints when you visited with your passport. Thus was born the Northern Ale Guide.

As the Northern Ale Guide enters its third year, they are looking to expand beyond the guide to include brewery crawls and philanthropic efforts, called Tipsy Timberer and Craft Your Community, respectively. But it all started with the guide itself, and that’s where Soulo entered the story.

We met with the Northern Ale Guide’s founders, talking to them about what they envisioned for the guide. What paper stock for the interior, the covers, what kind of finish—all types of things that matter for a book that is made to be held, used, traveled with. After all, it’s a passport for beer!

With the success of the first edition of the Northern Ale Guide, Soulo has continued to partner with the organization. As the Northern Ale Guide folks put it, “Soulo has brought many of our marketing ideas to fruition with the best quality around. Having dedicated staff available to assist in the flawless design, production, and distribution of the Northern Ale Guide has aided our mission of crafting a better local beer scene. Soulo has been and will continue to serve as a great partner to Northern Ale Guide, Tipsy Timberer, and Craft Your Community.”

Hey, we’re just happy to help. Cheers!


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