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Soulo has a long history of enjoying the Minnesota State Fair. (It stretches well past these summaries. Our Fair-going predates the blog, and our blog updating is sporadic at best).

We hit the Fair again this year (pics to come, etc.) but in another way we'd already made our mark: we were contracted to re-paint the iconic Golden Guernsey billboard that stands near the swine barn at the State Fair. This comes ahead of a planned full restoration that will take place once fundraising efforts are completed, hopefully in time for next year's Fair. The billboard was originally a marketing effort for Ewald Bros. Dairy. Here's what it looked like about 50 years ago:

Soulo's lead on the project, Thomas Polson, explains "The background was repainted the same Pantone blue as it had been, and the lettering was hand-painted in the original State Fair purple."
Before painting, the sign was scraped and primed.

Here are Before and After pictures. For more information on the billboard and the fundraising effort to restore the 3D cows, see this Star Tribune article.


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