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You've crossed all the Ts, dotted all the Is, proofread it repeatedly. It is magnificent!

You hit publish and you wait. Any minute now, hordes of people will discover the gem you poured your time and knowledge into... Well?

We've all done it. Checking off that to-do item on your always expanding to-do list and feeling accomplishment. You created some content! But to our dismay not a single visitor has seen our glorious, magnificent, beautiful new content. It should have taken off by itself, right?

It is hard to take off without any wings. Good thing it doesn't take much more to give your content a little boost. Don't fret yet: there are still free options to get your content out there. This is where your Facebook page (and Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or any social media you frequent) comes into play. Post it, share it, talk about it on any and all platforms you like! One small word of caution. Be thoughtful about your topic and where it would be best applied. Feel free to post on several platforms but space them out accordingly and change the post title for each one. Nobody wants to see the exact same thing over and over on all your social media outlets.

Once you get into a regular groove of content creation your posting calendar will start to fill itself. Schedule your content to post on different outlets on varied days and times to get that content out and circulating.

Running dry on ideas? Revisit previous content. Some good stuff is already there. Look at what you already created - you might have new insights to share or new services and capabilities that change your whole approach. Or maybe it's just wrong, or outdated, and could use an update.

Still need more? $25 in paid advertising with Facebook (or LinkedIn or...) will get you the extra visibility you are after. A very small investment to keep your content moving!


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