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Given the uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus we want to assure you that Soulo is taking proactive steps to address the health concerns of our employees, their families, and all who visit us.

First and foremost, we are committed to maintaining a safe workplace and adopting practices to protect the health of our community.

Our employees are the backbone of our company; their health and well being are paramount. Soulo is encouraging employees to use telephone and video conferencing in place of face-to-face meetings as much as possible during this outbreak. At this time, we do not foresee any disruptions in our operations or ability to serve our customers.

We will strive to ensure continuity of business operations. To that end, Soulo will take all necessary steps to see jobs to completion. We will continue to communicate regularly and openly with our vendors to ensure our supply chain is not disrupted. In the event that circumstances change, we will advise our customers in a quick and efficient manner on how their projects could be impacted.

With the situation changing constantly, Soulo will continue to monitor local and federal communications and guidelines regarding the severity of COVID-19 within Minnesota and our local community. We will continue to evaluate our policies and procedures to ensure all appropriate steps are being taken.


Bob Molacek, CEO


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