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Technical Communications

Our approach to every writing project is the same, whether it’s traditional technical writing or copy writing for advertisements, billboards, websites, video or voice over scripts, or anything else that uses words.
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Your message, your audience

Clear technical communication lowers product returns and support or service calls, raises your brand’s reputation, and saves lives. A customer who has a good experience with your product or service is a customer who will come back again and again.

Technical communication is the process of delivering a message—often complex, confusing, or opaque—to a specific audience. Sometimes that communication is written: installation instructions, or a user guide. Sometimes it’s done via illustrations, animation, or video. Choosing the right medium is part of careful technical communication.


Technical Illustration

Technical illustrations convey critical information and are as much a part of technical writing as words. Where to install a screw, set a DIP switch, a dimensional drawing, or electrical diagram. Good technical illustrations enhance a technical document. They can even be the technical document, depending on what the message is. We put the same care into technical illustration as we do technical writing. Always with the same goal:

  • Communicating your message to your audience.
  • Visually explain a subject to a nontechnical audience.
  • Provide an example of what the product does or is to assist the user.
  • Demonstrate perspective, dimension, and scale.


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