19 Oct 2013

Good Earth Village

We researched GEV's long history, compared their camp to other bible camps in the area, and devised a new logo that evokes GEV's Christian mission as well as their woodsy, natural setting, but is clearly the mark of a serious, professional organization.

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30 Jul 2013

Cass Screw Site Launch

We're pleased to note the launch of a newly designed site for Cass Screw. We've been working with Cass for a while, and if you've driven south on Highway 100 you've seen their billboard. Their site was ready for a visual refresh, and it's always fun for us to see a new site go live. We'll have more about this site later, but wanted to note that it's another successful project.

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04 May 2010


So it was critical that the site meet two criteria: include the existing logo and reflect the cool, modern features of the code overhaul. A major feature - a key difference between TesTrac.com and its competitors - was the translation engine, which delivers both the test and the user environment (button labels, text box labels, etc.) in a host of different languages based on the language preference of the test-taker’s browser. So we went with a sleek design that demonstrates the multilingual capacity without beating anyone over the head with it.

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