A Soulo Case Study

YWCA Minneapolis

Direct Mail
SOULO has worked with YWCA Minneapolis for several years. We provide them with top notch pantone color matching, cost effective direct mail, and the results they want.

Client Overview

YWCA Minneapolis is a nonprofit organization founded in 1891 as a member of YWCA USA, the oldest and largest multicultural organization in the world. Their mission is to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

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Image source YWCA Minneapolis


SOULO is proud to support YWCA Minneapolis’ mission in our own small way: we provide print and direct mail services to them. YWCA designs and creates their own promotional and informational pieces, then SOULO gets the call. YWCA has been a client for several years and have come to rely on SOULO for consistent, efficient, and cost-effective services. Rachel Palomo, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at YWCA, says the experience working with SOULO has been “outstanding.” One thing she really appreciates is the “open flow of communication,” in which she can send a one-sentence email and the team at SOULO immediately understands what she needs done.

Postcard design provided by YWCA Minneapolis
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brand standards, and printing on a budget

YWCA Minneapolis has strict branding needs and are careful about maintaining them. That means their print materials almost always include their spot color (Pantone). YWCA Minneapolis is also a nonprofit organization, so they are generally working with budget restraints. This can be a real challenge, especially when doing small print runs, because a digital printer is typically the most cost-effective way to print low-quantity jobs. Digital printers, though, typically don’t print spot colors.


Fortunately, SOULO can. Our Indigo 7R Digital Press prints up to six colors (most digital presses use a mix of four colors to generate the full set of colors in the spectrum). We stock the spot color ink specifically for YWCA, and we leave that ink in the press at all times, where we can turn it on and off as needed. That allows us to respond quickly when something needs a fast turnaround, or when something needs to be re-printed. “SOULO’s pre-press department will even flag things and check with us to make sure we intended for them to be there,” says Rachel. If the material needs to be re-printed, we can hustle it through for them.

That kind of above-and-beyond service applies to direct-mail projects as well; SOULO’s expertise makes the process of managing and paying for bulk mailings simple. Sometimes that even includes personally picking up or dropping off the mailings, just to facilitate the process. “Even though we’re not a big-buck client, we are treated like we are,” says Rachel.

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In the end, YWCA Minneapolis gets their printed materials, with the colors spot-on, delivered to their recipients, along with the high-roller treatment that SOULO wants them—and every client—to have for every project.
Summer camp program pamphlet design and artwork provided by YWCA Minneapolis
Pamphlet reverse sent as direct mail.
"I can count on SOULO to be there, fast and efficient and economical. It’s been a really good working relationship. Even though we're not a big-buck client, you treat us that way."
- Rachel Palomo
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, YWCA Minneapolis