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Wells Fargo Place

Website Design & Development
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Mockup of wells fargo place website on desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Wells Fargo Place is a premier Class A building that is home to a number of high-end tenants. As such, Unilev Property Management wanted to update the website for Wells Fargo Place to match the building’s prestige as a key landmark and the largest building in St. Paul.

Services provided

Site Mapping
Content Structure
Visual Design
Map illustration


SOULO started by identifying what steps were needed to deliver a website that matched the sophistication of Wells Fargo Place. The old, static HTML page was out of date and the images and design didn’t match the premiere accommodations offered by Wells Fargo Place. This was more than a site update; this was a full teardown and rebuild.

SOULO’s discovery process identified the target audience for the Wells Fargo Place site and included a competitive analysis of other buildings in St. Paul. The discovery drove our strategic direction for the website: we had a plan.

Overview of Goals

  • Properly representing Wells Fargo Place as a premiere location in St. Paul

  • Establishing it as a central location in Saint Paul

  • Hiring a photographer to highlight the building’s prominence in the skyline and placement in the city


The website had to stand out from the competition, showcasing Wells Fargo Place as something unique. We chose a shade of blue derived from the sky’s reflection in the building’s windows. It also helped contrast with the interior of Wells Fargo Place, and made sure the new photography would pop and command attention. The layered geometric patterns were inspired by the building itself; Wells Fargo Place’s angular wedge is reflected visually in the site.

Web Process graphic, discovery, analysis, design, development and launch.

Wireframe and Content Plan

SOULO partnered with Mike Krivit Photography for fresh, modern images, using our wireframes to demonstrate the types of shots we wanted.

One of the goals of the site’s content was to provide more information about the building’s amenities and how building management was adapting to upcoming remodels. Working with the architecture firm Nelson, we were able to embed their 3D tours into the web experience.

The location page was responsible for both selling Wells Fargo Place as a premiere central location and establishing Saint Paul as a great place to work. On this page, we highlighted the important landmarks, entertainment venues, hotels, and transportation routes surrounding Wells Fargo Place.

Visualization of website wireframe

Developing the final product

From build to development to launch, the website for Wells Fargo Place was built to match the building’s high-end amenities with a modern, dynamic website that offered a luxurious user experience across platforms and browsers.

mobile mockup of wells fargo place website

Parking Icons

Wells Fargo Place Parking Iocns

Fitness Icons

Wells Fargo Place Fitness Icons
Wells Fargo Place metro transit map


Wells Fargo Place Downtown map



Wells Fargo Place now has an eye-catching website that elevates the building and promotes it as a high-end, desirable location for companies that want to make an impression and have a great location to attract employees. It establishes Wells Fargo Place as an industry-leading real estate property.