A Soulo Case Study

Dotty Brothers Construction

Since 1994, Dotty Brothers’ reputation has been built by putting its design and building prowess to use constructing one-of-a-kind, showcase homes on outstanding properties, primarily in the Brainerd Lakes area of northern Minnesota. SOULO was brought in to help with their marketing efforts.


Dotty Brothers Construction has been a SOULO client since 2015. They came to SOULO looking for help with design and marketing services to drive customer awareness of their design/build process.

Over the years, we have developed a strong base for Dotty Brothers, including their brand, website, and collateral pieces. The focus of our work was to advance and optimize Dotty Brothers' digital presence to bring in qualified leads.

Services provided

Website Audit
Competitive Audit
Analytics Reporting
Blog Management
Website Design and Development

Email Marketing
Social Media Management
Video Production
Lead Magnet Generation
Logo Design
Example of a Dotty Brothers print advertisement in the Lake Country Journal magazine.


Our efforts for Dotty Brothers have included tracking results of previous marketing efforts and zeroing in on Dotty’s core client. This includes studying how people view Dotty Brothers as a company and a brand. We analyzed every aspect of their website, imagery, and the messaging we put out to see how it landed with their audience.

We did this by developing lead magnets to start potential clients in the sales funnel, engaging with past/current clients, and using analytics to drive decisions. Over time, we've built a strong foundation and expanded it to enhance new channels.

Website Design and Development

The vital role that a website plays during digital marketing campaigns can't be overstated. With years of experience working closely with Dotty Brothers, we have continuously optimized and enhanced their website, creating two effective and engaging iterations to date. Our latest version showcases a sleek and modern design, perfectly capturing the essence of Dotty Brothers as a company. As time progresses, their website remains a pivotal touchpoint in the customer journey, consistently delivering exceptional results.

GALLERY: This serves as the cornerstone of their website, where visitors spend the majority of their time researching Dotty Brothers' quality home builds.

DESIGN/BUILD: SOULO transformed Dotty Brothers' design/build process into a powerful marketing campaign, making it a core element of their website.

BLOG: The blog serves a dual purpose, acting as a repository that answers frequently asked questions and a source of lifestyle articles, providing a glimpse into the Brainerd Lakes area.

Organic Local SEO

With a home builder like Dotty Brothers, we understood the importance of not just driving traffic but attracting the right kind of traffic. With an in-depth competitive SEO analysis, we generated a comprehensive list of keywords that ensures their website attracts qualified visitors. The results have been higher search engine  ranking compared to competitors and more qualified sales leads.

Mock up of the dotty brothers website on a mobile phone, an iMac, and a tablet.


We brainstorm, research, and write blogs for Dotty Brothers' website to give educational resources to potential customers. These blogs often describe the build process, design choices, problems that might surprise customers, the pros and cons of various building materials, and much more. These blogs are highlighted not only in quarterly newsletters but also as part of the larger social media strategy.

Example of the website blog on an iMac mockup
Mock up of Dotty's Instagram on an iPhone


SOULO utilizes Facebook and Instagram posts of engaging photos, videos and captions to drive traffic to the website. Boosting a few of these captivating posts on these platforms engages potential customers looking to build a lake home. SOULO also monitors comments, likes, shares, and messages to ensure comments and messages are replied to in a timely manner, so Dotty Brothers can focus on building dream homes.

Email Marketing Campaign

A quarterly e-newsletter is sent to new and existing customers, along with people who have filled out forms on the Dotty Brothers website. These newsletters contain informational blogs and photos of completed builds. This is important to maintain brand awareness for the customers who haven't made their final decision about what company to hire to build their dream home. This also helps to establish Dotty Brothers as the authority in educating people about building a dream home.

Lead Magnets

We have created several lead magnets for Dotty to drive email subscribers and to gain more potential home buyers. These have consisted of a summer Brainerd Lakes event calendar; a design/build guide for the building process; an interior design guide for a lake home; and a Home Care Checklist. These have significantly increased the number of email newsletter subscribers they’ve acquired, and are a great resource to share on social media to drive more potential customers to the website.

Brainerd Lakes Area map lead magnet.
Example of the Dotty Brothers Summer Event Calendar
Example of a downloadable PDF lead magnet


We’ve seen great success from videos we've produced for Dotty Brothers. These videos answer some of the most common questions that people have about building a new home, and help build a relationship with the client even before contact is made. Owner John Dotty has reported that new clients frequently say in their first meeting:

“Your videos are great! We watched all of them before contacting you.”

We publish these videos on YouTube, where we’ve created an extensive Dotty Brothers channel.

These videos are then promoted on social media to drive traffic and build customer confidence and loyalty. They help introduce potential clients to Dotty Brothers; provide meaningful, valuable information that speaks to the customers’ concerns; and establish Dotty Brothers as an authority on the subject of custom-built homes.

Dotty Brothers Overview Video

Examples of Videos we Helped Produce

Drone Footage
Explainer Videos


We’ve really hit our stride working with Dotty Brothers and building their client base. Consistently staying in front of potential clients and being diligent in answering the questions they have — sometimes before they ask them — has been critical in crafting our approach.

Through the deployment of high-traffic lead magnets, a solid follow-up program, consistent messaging on social channels, and an engaging video series, we have been excited to see our goals — and the goals of Dotty Brothers — drastically exceeded.

The right message is reaching the right people — and that's true success!

Dotty Brothers Construction 25 year logo