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Blaine Orthopedic Surgery Center

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One of the well-known trends in healthcare documentation is the shift from paper forms and charts to electronic records. It’s changed the way a lot of healthcare providers manage and track the care they provide their patients. In some cases, that means less print work for us. That’s fine: our clients’ needs change over time, and our job is to help create their success stories.

When you DO need printed healthcare forms…

Electronic documentation isn’t ideal for every situation or clinic. For example, Blaine Orthopedic Surgery Center (BOSC) does all their documentation and charting on paper. SOULO prints all their forms as well as items like BOSC branded stationery and letterhead, pens, water bottles, business cards, envelopes, and folders for patient paperwork. Healthcare forms require frequent updating: a type of pain medication might change, a different anesthesia might be required, a form may have to be adapted for pediatric patients, etc. We’ve had customers who’ve literally cut different forms apart and pasted them together to show us what they need us to create. We can make sense of that—and much more.


  • Registration packets
  • Patient charts
  • Consent forms
  • Order forms
  • Patient care documentation
  • Discharge handouts
  • RX/Prescription pads
  • Waiver Forms

The personal touch: BLAINE ORTHOPEDIC

When there’s a big change happening with BOSC’s documentation, the SOULO team captures every detail and makes sure we understand exactly what needs to change. That helps reduce the back-and-forth between SOULO’s design team and BOSC.

SOULO also strives to get the documentation exactly the way BOSC needs it, and work quickly so as not to hold up anything at BOSC. “The SOULO team is patient with my tweaks and changes throughout the editing process,” Janessa Learn, Pre/Post Nurse Manager at BOSC adds. “I’m always impressed how quickly they can get proofs back to me, too."

Once approved, the forms are printed at whatever quantity BOSC needs. But that’s not all. The forms are also updated in SOULO’S online ordering platform so the customer can order more whenever they’re needed.

Online ordering for healthcare forms

SOULO built an online ordering system that healthcare providers can use to easily order the medical forms they need. Initially this was for ordering new printed forms. Over time it evolved to include promotional items—pens or notepads with the clinic’s logo and contact information, for instance—and branded apparel. It saves our customers a great deal of time and allows them full control to place their own orders, at any time of day or night.

Even with the capability to create charts and forms internally, many of our customers continue to use our healthcare forms ordering system. The ease of having us handle design and manage online ordering makes it easy to rely on SOULO.

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The result of working with SOULO is a great blend of in-person connections, digital revisions, and an ordering system available 24/7/365, that draws on several of SOULO’s services. It’s the kind of partnership we strive for with all of our clients.

"For the sheer volume of paperwork we use and provide, it’s essential we partner with a company like SOULO... and SOULO has been great to work with."

- Janessa Learn, Pre/Post Nurse Manager at BOSC

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