Marketing Automation


Is your advertising campaign effective?

If the answer is no, let Soulo Communications help. Our marketing automation system generates more leads, drives more sales, and optimizes your spending. It does this by allowing us to hone in on your target market by tracking what is or isn’t working. It builds a knowledge base we can use to engage your customers based on their interests and needs. That means more effective campaigns with less waste.

We partner with SharpSpring Marketing Automation Software

Drive more leads. Convert them to sales.
Optimize your marketing.

Soulo partners with SharpSpring so you can track the ROI of your campaigns to ensure you’re maximizing your marketing dollars.

With SharpSpring, you can:

  • Track leads and engage them at critical points in the buyer’s journey.
  • Nurture leads with hyper-personalized email and web content.
  • Build powerful landing pages that transform visits to leads.
  • Connect to hundreds of third-party platforms or build new integrations.
  • Turn social media interactions into conversations that generate sales.
  • Collect real-time analytics to capture and prove end-to-end ROI.
  • And much more…

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