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Want to See the Power of Direct Mail Marketing?

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We’d like to demonstrate to you the power of combining Direct Mail and Digital Marketing!

We believe that the combination of direct mail and digital marketing programs offers a greater ROI for your marketing dollar. We have a depth of both digital marketing and direct mail experience and will customize our work to your specific objectives. We look forward to sharing in your success.

Click here and fill out a very short form. We’ll send you a Thank You email immediately. Within a few days, you’ll get a personalized postcard based on how you filled out the form.

For even more fun you can sign up for the Post Office’s Informed Delivery service here. The Post Office will tell you the exact day it will arrive in the mail.

Want to know the benefits of Informed Delivery? For marketers who are timing their marketing initiatives to a specific schedule, it’s helpful to know when the direct mail piece will arrive at the consumer’s home so they can time other communications accordingly. For consumers who are expecting very important mail, it’s helpful to know when to expect the mail. Win-Win.

Challenging Times Require Both Digital Marketing and Direct Mail

"This feels like 2008 when everyone stopped printing and went digital. Then they realized that print was still effective and came back to it." Suzanne said this to me a few days ago as we discussed how COVID-19 was impacting businesses including our own. Marketing budgets were slashed during the Great Recession of 2008 as companies took a severe financial hit, in particular small businesses. Loss of demand led to excess inventory and businesses of all types offered deep discounts to move merchandise, which created a bargain-hunting mindset that has not lessened in the past 12 years.

Coupled with the size and impact of the tech-savvy Millennial generation, it’s no surprise that companies turned to digital marketing to drive sales. While overall spending on advertising dropped 9% in 2009, the post-recession period saw great leaps in digital marketing with social media becoming a key component of the changing media landscape. Twitter and Instagram saw explosive growth in those post-recession years. Mobile marketing had the effect of shortening the purchase cycle dramatically as well, and now smartphone ownership penetration is at 69% of US consumers. All generational cohorts are part of the always-connected generation.

When it comes to today’s marketing environment, at SOULO we see a similar trend as our print volumes have dropped and interest in our digital marketing products is up sharply. While I agree with Suzanne that the current crisis feels like 2008, it is also much different from a marketing perspective. 2008 was the wake-up call that the printing industry needed to be more competitive. To be honest, direct mail in 2008 was costly and was slower to execute, especially in the context of digital marketing alternatives. Offset
printing was slow and variations cost a lot.

Print Evolves and Direct Mail's Impact Grows

Digital printing changed all that. High quality, high volume digital printers offered high levels of flexibility and personalization. A print run could be a few pages or thousands with extremely high quality. The direct mail industry seized on digital as the solution for consumers’ expectations of personalization driven by their digital experiences. Especially Gen Z and Millennials, who see personalization as “table stakes” in any communication and buying interaction.

With increased digital print capabilities, today’s direct mail can be printed and mailed in less than 24 hours and personalized for your customer, based on a robust data profile of their buying habits. A furniture retailer, for example, could use direct mail to upsell by offering a matching armchair to go along with the couch their customer just purchased. Or perhaps upsell a coffee table or end table based on the purchase history. It’s this type of customer specificity that made direct mail increasingly relevant and contributed to the industry’s turn-around with modest growth projected in the next few years compared to the steep declines in recent history.

Direct Mail has a high open-rate. Studies have shown that fully 80% of direct mail is opened compared to only 20% for email. Direct mail has a significantly higher response rate than digital, too: 3.7% compared to 2% for mobile, 1% for email, 1% for social media, and just 0.2% for internet display. [Source]

Combined Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Tactics

At this point, you may be asking yourself “Why is Bob pushing direct mail when SOULO also does digital marketing?” Here’s the good news. A recent United States Post Office survey found that employing both Direct Mail and Digital Marketing is a compelling combination. The combination provides synergy to your integrated communications messaging across channels and gains greater engagement from consumers.

Once again, if you are interested in seeing the power of direct mail for yourself Click here and fill out a very short form and we'll send you a personalized postcard based on your selected criteria.

Bob Molacek, Owner and Founder

Direct Mail Featured Image: Direct mail creates more leads.

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