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How has 2022 been for Soulo Communications?

SOULO is recovering from the pandemic. We have started back on the growth path we were on pre-COVID. Like most businesses we have had to deal with team members contracting COVID, thankfully all of our team’s cases have been mild. Also like most companies our team has changed during the pandemic, but it is more talented and brings more solutions to our customers/partners.

Are there any projects completed in the last six months you would like to highlight?

We have been busy during the last six months. These are just a select few projects that combine Ideas that Create Results for our partners. It is always fun to see the creative team develop ideas, create art, and then see the production team turn the art into reality.

Purple Hawk golf carts - We were approached by Purple Hawk Country Club with an idea on a new marketing strategy. They wanted to add vinyl graphics to their carts and sell the space for advertising. Once they had two sample carts created by Soulo, they were able to sell eight more wraps!

Minnesota Laborers’ Health Fair - Soulo partnered with the Minnesota Laborers’ Health and Wellness Fund and the Liuna training center to plan their annual Health Fair. We contributed design work, including informational postcards, social media posts, maps, and signage for the event. Our large format department printed and assembled over 100 signs, 80 floor graphics, and 13 window vinyls.

What will we see from Soulo in the future? Where are we heading as a business?

In the last few years SOULO has become a true one-stop for our customers/partners. We can bring comprehensive, multimedia solutions to our customers that very few other companies can.

Do you have a message for Soulo’s customers?

Of course. Our primary message is one of thanks. We thank all of our customers for giving us the opportunity to help move their businesses forward for the last 26 years. We will continue to bring innovative solutions and new capabilities to allow us to grow together.


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