Everyone at Soulo loves the new, creative and unique ideas that our customers dream up and will work with you to make those ideas a reality. Not only can we print but we can stamp, fold, cut, trim, coat and finish in more ways than you would think.

Yes! Not only can we print CMYK but we also can print violet, green, light cyan, light magenta, white and digital matte. These bonus colors add a depth and picture quality that just cannot be matched. Oh and we can custom match your color and keep it at Soulo so all your printed pieces have the exact same color.

Make your colors pop with a splash of true white ink on colorful stock. Soulo can produce impactful printing that will get you noticed! Let the adventure begin with white ink on dark, transparent, recycled paper, synthetics, paperboard and more.

Add a little pizazz with a full matte ink overlay or highlight with strategically placed matte ink spots. Add subtle texture to a simple solid color that will give it a hint of depth and sophistication. Bring products in a catalog to focus or draw the attention to product features with clear matte ink.

Soulo can print on more than 3,000 different substrates and not just paper! Magnets, window clings, stickers, labels, plastic, synthetic, wood – don’t see it listed here? Ask us and we can find the solution you are looking for! Stop in and browse our sample books for inspiration – you will be amazed what we can print.

We can fold it any which way, probably in ways you have never seen. We can stamp it in color and in foil.