Data & Mail

We have been capturing data for a very long time and we know how to propel your marketing forward. We will coach you on how to focus your marketing efforts with what you know about your clients.

Not sure who your ideal market is? Have way too much data to sort? Soulo is able to assist you in profiling your clients from scratch or from your existing list with focused results.

We have more than 70 segments plus 21 life-stage groups based on consumer behavior and demographic characteristics to refine your list into the most effective list for your marketing.

With all your key characteristic checked, Soulo will acquire a list for you and not just mailing lists but email lists as well.

Now that you have your list lets keep it clean and at it optimal performance. Some of our data services for postal optimization include de-duping, merge/purge, CASS certification and checking the National Change of Address database (NCOA).

Oh the tracking and reporting we can do! Marketing automation has opened many doors to track everything from direct mail to identifying website visitors to campaign management. Many of our campaigns include email, direct mail, landing pages, forms, trackable phone numbers, personalized URLs, business reply cards (BRCs) and more.

Every campaign teaches us and at Soulo we never want to stop learning. All of our marketing efforts, our own and our clients, have given us a clear insight into what works and what doesn’t. We would love to share what we have learned in our over 20 years in the marketing space with you. Our first consultation is always free so why wait! Call RJM today to get your new marketing plan under way.

Sit back and relax knowing that Soulo mailing services will take care of every step, starting with design until the mailing arrives in mailboxes. We take the pain out of the process to get you the very best results and keep you on budget.  No matter your project our services will get your project in the mail on-time every time.

  • Project consultation
  • Graphic design
  • List processing
  • Printing
  • Variable printing for one to one marketing
  • Mailing services
  • Kitting and fulfillment services
  • Collateral Management

High-speed folder/inserters, tabbers, ink-jet addressing systems and postage meters. We guarantee that your mailing will be prepared accurately and double-checked for quality before we take it to the Post Office for you.
Our experienced mailing professionals do the following and more:

  • CASS certification
  • Envelope supply
  • Folding
  • Inserting & hand assembly
  • Tab sealing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Addressing
  • Labeling
  • Metering
  • Live stamps
  • Bar coding
  • Automation processing
  • Presorting
  • Point of mailing
  • Non-profit mailings

“Every Door Direct Mail service is an easy, cost-effective way to reach potential customers near your business. Just create your mail pieces however you like, then select postal routes and pay for postage. Next, bring your mailing to your local Post Office™ for delivery to every household on your chosen routes.”
—United States Post Office