Collateral Management

78% of businesses have a closet or warehouse full of old materials

Soulo collateral management will impact your personnel productivity with our unified ordering system that keeps ALL your marketing materials in a central location.  Our platform is easy to use and is modeled after an online shopping experience we are all accustomed to. All of your collateral, be it printed materials, trade show supplies, clothing, pens, cups – anything that is in your brand can be inventoried, personalized and kept up to date.

33% had no form of inventory management

55% do not have any real-time access to inventory or utilization levels

Soulo can show you how to achieve better brand control, consistent quality and improved sales. No more independent marketing pieces reaching the public without meeting your brand guidelines. Your staff will be able to find what they need, when they need and it will be personalized to meet all the standards that is your brand.

Soulo is here to help lower your procurement costs due to a very lengthy process. Collateral management reduces “touches” in ordering with a streamlined customization process that results in improved inventory control.

84% sent outdated marketing materials because of a slow/inaccurate supply chain