10 Jan 2014

Update on the Talking Tom Campaign

We haven't had a ton of views of the YouTube video, but we did just have one on Jan 2. And our strategy has been to mail these out in groups, even as few as 3-5 at a time, to make sure salesman Jim has ample time to contact the person we sent it to. He says it definitely gives him something to talk about. Plus, how many conversations do you really get to start with "Hey, have you gotten anything weird in the mail lately?"

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19 Nov 2013

Scaring up new business

That direct mail piece we teased the other day? It's in the mail. The piece is a terrifying 8x10 close up of Bossman Tom's face, overlaid over a circuit board and with a familiar brain logo sneaking its way into the background as well. We mailed the piece in an anti-static envelope, the kind used to ship circuit boards and memory chips. That outline of a phone on Tom's face? If you go to the URL with your smartphone, then place it on the outline, you get a frightening mixed-media piece of Tom talking briefly about Soulo.

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