June 1, 2012 Mitch Granholm

Congratulations to Ina Gravitz

Ina Gravitz is the indexer of choice for Soulo. We’ve worked with her for a long time, indexing books we designed/typeset for other publishers as well as books we’ve published under our own imprints.

We just found out that she’s been named Vice President/President-Elect of the American Society for Indexing, the only professional indexing society in the United States. We’re thrilled to offer her our utmost congratulations!

There’s a deeply mistaken notion that you can use software and word processing tools to generate an index, and it’s just not true. You can create an extremely basic concordance in this manner (though even that will be largely context-free), but not an index. An index is written, just like any text that serves to explain or clarify another text, and Ina is one of the best at it.